How to get your mojo back - when crappy stuff happens


Sometimes moving on with life after a loss or break up can feel so lonely and empty that all you want to do is stay in bed all day eating biscuits, or whatever remnants of iced-over ice cream are lurking at the back of the freezer (ooh, and there’s the vodka). All your usual motivation ebbs away, your fire is out, and you’re feeling like what’s the point of it all anyway. But instead of feeling lame and guilty and forcing yourself to buck up tout suite, give yourself a break. Wrap yourself in a blanket of kindness, like the people who love you most would do if they knew why you’re not answering your calls. Go self-care crazy; get yourself to the gym for your favourite class, buy some gorgeous food that feels like a treat, give yourself some quiet time with that book you’ve been getting around to reading, do something you love that feels like play, get out and about with people who make you laugh til your belly aches… Whatever feels good and like a great big squeezy hug. And slowly, you’ll find your inner compass again – and get back to happy, whole and go-gettin’ in your own sweet time.